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About The Transformation Factor

Culture Is Everything

A good leader builds and establishes a company culture people want to be a part of. A transformational leader elevates that, cultivating a culture in which everyone—from the top down—is empowered to use their talents to live and work at their best. As the chairman and CEO of Coca-Cola Consolidated, the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the United States, J. Frank Harrison III knows firsthand the importance of not only prioritizing culture but also living out and modeling the values that drive it. He believes every person in an organization matters and how they are led matters just as much. In The Transformation Factor: Leading Your Company for Good, for God, and for Growth, Harrison profiles his company and his own personal journey to show you the radical transformation and amazing ripple effects that come from a purpose-driven, people-focused culture and a leadership style that centers on serving others.

With a company that employs over 16,000 people and has 13 manufacturing facilities and 76 distribution and sales centers, Harrison understands that real culture transformation takes great effort, intention, and courage but also humility and generosity. His book is about teaching leaders how to engage in meaningful work with people, inspire a culture of genuine care, and mobilize everyone around a purpose that not only transcends the everyday work they do but also informs it. It integrates faith with work and demonstrates a revolutionary approach to leadership, modeled after the heart of God.

The Transformation Factor shows us what it takes to commit to and invest in people, helping them recognize their fullest potential, and how to transform any environment into a place of vitality, growth, and purpose. With clarity and honesty, Harrison speaks from his experience as a leader to offer us a new way to look at culture, business, and success.

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The Author

Frank Harrison III

Frank Harrison III officially began his career with Coca-Cola Consolidated in 1977, but his roots in the Coca-Cola system date back to 1902, when his great-grandfather, J. B. Harrison, first introduced Coca-Cola to the Carolinas. Early in his career Frank worked in a number of entry-level positions, including running routes and operating bottling lines.

He graduated from the University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, and in 1983 he obtained an MBA from Duke University. Beginning in 1977, Frank served in a variety of operational and leadership roles throughout the company until becoming chairman and CEO in 1996.

As the fourth-generation family leader of what has become the nation’s largest Coca-Cola bottler, Frank is focused on creating a culture of servant leaders whose values and actions honor God. Coca-Cola Consolidated is a public company, and Frank is constantly focused on delivering consistent and sustained value to shareholders. At the same time, he believes that God owns it all. He sees himself as the chief steward, accountable to the owner for using the resources he has been entrusted with to make a positive difference in the lives of over seventeen thousand employees and their communities.

Mark Whitacre

Mark Whitacre is Executive Director of t-Factor of Coca Cola Consolidated, Inc. Mark was most recently Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CBMC, an organization that has impacted his life greatly the past two decades. Mark was an executive at CBMC from 2013 to 2020. From 2006 to 2013, he was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Science Officer at Cypress Systems, Inc., a California biotechnology company. His undercover work with the FBI during the ADM scandal was the inspiration for the major motion picture, "The Informant," starring Matt Damon as Mark Whitacre. Drawing from his unique history, Mark provides one-of-a-kind insight into corporate ethics, corporate greed, and the warning signs of a flawed corporate leadership.

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Mark A. Conklin

Dr. Mark A. Conklin is a leadership development pioneer, seasoned consultant and founder of Wise Counsel Inc., an organization dedicated to transforming families, leaders and organizations.

Mark spent over two decades at Chick-fil-A Inc. as a chief leadership development architect and prolific strategy leader. He contributed significantly to building the brand’s overall leadership development framework, helping the quick service giant become one of the world’s most admired and respected brands. Prior to joining Chick-fil-A, Mark spent eight years working in higher education and also served stateside and overseas on active duty as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army.

As a business leader and organizational effectiveness practitioner, Mark pulls from a diverse array of personal and professional experiences to help enterprising leaders intentionally steward their legacies. Global leaders engage Mark as a speaker and consultant on an array of leadership topics for their families, business, and non-profit organizations.

An alum of Harvard Business School, Mark holds multiple undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as a doctorate in Global Leadership Studies, and has served on the board of numerous organizations, including Open Eyes.

A Pennsylvania native, he and his wife, Joy, have been married more than 38 years and have two adult children, JohnMark and Sarah and a son-in-law John. Joy and Mark reside outside of Atlanta, GA.

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About the t-Factor Conference


How do you start building a purpose-driven corporate culture?

You start here. The t-Factor Leadership Initiative inspires, equips, and activates leaders to influence the transformation of employees, and your organization. As you transform your organization, you become part of a community working together to build a better workplace and leaving a legacy that honors God.

The Keys to Transformational Leadership


You may be wondering how a true transformational leader differs from the people who run organizations around the world. There are five most essential attributes that separate the transformational leader from anyone else.

Transformational leaders…

Live and promote a faith-based worldview:

Transformational leaders believe God owns it all, and they will be held accountable for all that has been entrusted to them, including their business and the people who comprise it. They live for a purpose beyond business success and follow their faith convictions, seeking to honor God in all they do.

Serve others:

Transformational leaders believe they have not been appointed to be served but to serve, and they seek always to elevate the needs of others above their own. Others might say that their family and business hierarchy are upside down.

Lead courageously:

Transformational leaders recognize and accept their responsibility to drive shareholder value for the organizations they lead and recognize faithful stewardship mandates growth. They seek to grow profitably because where there is no margin there can be no mission. They generously share their margin in creative, courageous, and contagious ways.

Foster a life-giving culture:

They foster a life-giving culture in their homes, families, and workplaces. They believe excellence honors God, and they pursue it in their personal and professional lives. They cultivate the conditions in which others can flourish and grow.

Model transparency, humility, and accountability:

Transformational leaders believe what is caught is often more important than what is taught, so for them, the leader often goes first. They lead with vulnerability and transparently admit when they do not have an answer or have misled others or made a mistake. They recognize they are under authority and walk humbly before God and others. They embrace accountability as a friend and give as well as receive it freely.

To learn more about what it takes to be the change agent that transforms your organization’s culture, start reading the book today.

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